Recycling Information

Our Aluminium containers are fully recyclable with a low heat input and recycled here in the UK.

Aluminium recycling is a true circular success story. Infinitely recyclable, reformed endlessly and retaining its properties indefinitely, nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced worldwide is still in use today” quote from -


Where The Materials We Use In Our Packaging Is Recycled 

Top Metal UK recycling destinations

Sims Group UK Ltd, Blaenhonddan, Wales

3,772 tonnes 

Tata Steel UK Ltd, Bryn, Wales 

3,243 tonnes 


Top UK Paper and Cardboard recycling destinations

SAICA Paper UK Ltd, 

17,084 tonnes

Palm Paper Limited, Wiggenhall St Germans, England

16,060 tonnes

UPM Kymmene Ltd, Shotton, Wales

14,477 tonnes 



We Dont Use Plastic As At Best It Can Only be Recycled Once

Materials like metals, glass and aluminium can be recycled again and again without any degradation to the material’s quality. In fact, aluminium cans have consistently shown the highest value among recycled commodities and remain in high demand.Plastic has a short lifespan, often only being able to be recycled once or twice into a new plastic product.  Source;

The Process Of Recycling Plastic Is A Myth

The problem with recycling plastic is that it doesn’t really happen-

What really happens to your plastic recycling?

Thousands of tonnes of our household plastic packaging put out for recycling, as well as other kinds of plastic waste ends up in waste incinerators in the UK. Incinerators are giant furnaces for burning waste, and they cause air pollution, noise, smells, litter and traffic as waste is trucked in and smoke pours from the chimneys. Incinerators are overwhelmingly located in low-income areas and neighbourhoods with more people of colour. Some also goes into landfill, where it can leach toxic chemicals into the environment.

But the rest gets recycled though, right? Wrong.

The UK is dumping our waste on other countries

Well over half of the household plastic packaging the government claims is recycled is sent abroad, most of it going to countries with very low recycling rates and a serious problem  with plastic waste being dumped or burned illegally.

Unbelievably, the amount the UK sends abroad is the equivalent of three and a half Olympic swimming pools every single day.

The government claims all of this exported plastic gets recycled, but the truth is we have no idea what really happens to it because no one bothers to check.

Where our plastic waste goes changes all the time, because countries aren’t keen to clean up our mess and are trying to ban plastic waste imports. A few years ago most of our plastic “recycling” went to China; at the moment, more than half is going to Turkey and Malaysia.




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