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Hi, I’m Angela, the founder of Equal=Ibrium and I live in beautiful South Wales with my family, my dog ‘Buddy’, my Axolotls ‘Nacho’ and ‘Taco’ and my turtle Delilah. I love animals, they are a very important part of my life!

What started out as a mission to find the most suitable skincare range for me and my family, soon turned into a passion project and the start of Equal=Ibrium.

In 2018, I started making my own cosmetics, using natural ingredients and found that using these made a huge impact on the health of our skin. I was passionate about the formulations but my circumstances didn’t allow for a commitment to the brand at that time.

Plastic has been at the forefront of media coverage for some time now and I am conscious to reduce the amount of plastic that comes into the family home (especially in the bathroom!) I searched for alternative solutions, but couldn’t find a clear way to cut out all single use plastic in our bathroom.

In recent months,  I ordered myself some natural cosmetics that I saw on social media. After seeing how this brand was suitable for my sensitive skin, my enthusiasm for starting my own brand was ignited again!

I did my research into naturally derived ingredients, sustainable packaging, ethical manufacturing and found a UK based company that could support my concept and ethically produce my natural range of products. We began to work together, testing various formulations and that’s when my excitement for Equal=Ibrium started to grow.

Equal=Ibrium is an independent business, with a passion for the environment and animal welfare. It is important to me that we support local and I always try to use other local, independent businesses where possible. The sense of local community and support for one another is at the heart of what we do.

Every single product in the range, I use on my own family - I wouldn’t dream of selling something I didn’t trust on my loved ones, to you.

My initial aim was to be completely plastic free, but after some extensive research, it was apparent that this wouldn't be possible at the point of launch.

The only plastic we use is in the labels- which are recycled post consumer plastic waste and the optional pelican pumps as no alternatives were available.

As I continue to grow my brand, I intend to be fully plastic free in the future and will continue to explore every avenue, to make this possible. 

So, through my determination to find a natural and ethical skincare brand, paired with my passion for reducing the impact misuse of plastic has on the environment, Equal=Ibrium was born.

I hope you will join me on my journey... 

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